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Traditional Reiki treatment

Unblock your inner power and replenish your energy

  • 1 uu 30 minuten
  • 60 euro
  • Breda

Beschrijving van de dienst

Let the energy flow freely in a one-hour hands on reiki session. During this session, I will act as your purified channel for the universal energy to discover and unblock blockages inside your body and mind. A first session would serve as a scan in which your energy is diagnosed in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. In this session we work from your crown chakra until your feet. Further sessions would involve healing the blockages identified. I cannot say here if you need two sessions or twenty to heal the issues that come up - this is a very personalized service and it will depend per person and situation. Of course this treatment can also be used as a relaxing session to fully energize your body and mind and to replenish your inner resources. Each session will start with a five minute meditation and end with a consultation that will take about 20 minutes.


Since I have a full-time job it would be nice to inform me of potential changes of cancellations as soon as possible and at most 12 hours in advance.


  • Adriaan van Bergenstraat 208a, Breda, Nederland

    0031624455506, 008618611124584

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