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  • Unblock your inner power and replenish your energy

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    60 euro
  • A hands-on reiki session at your home. Currently only in NL: North Bra...

    1 uur 30 min
    60 EUR+time&distance
  • A shorter, distant session to immediately boost your energy wherever y...

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    30 euro
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'The Tao that can be perceived is not the eternal Tao' 

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About 'me'

Just a small beam of light; an expression of love - that's at least what I intend to be. The truth is that also I cannot reach being that modest and selfless as I pretend! At best I can say I am just trying.

A spiritual wanderer, I've had my first dives into meditation and  at teenage times! But I couldn't keep it up really... It just wasn't cool enough to tell I've spent my weekend reading the Celestine Prophecy or meditating before a Buddha in the mornings. However the call of deeper inner and outer knowledge kept on fascinating me throughout the years. Trying to find my piece of heaven I've ventured through about all the -isms that you can think of, including Buddhism and pacifism, but just as much alcoholism and egoism! The route has led me to China and based from there also to many other countries all over the globe. Encountering thousands of different people from almost every nationality and cultural background has given me a great perspectives of the wants, needs and desires of different people across the globe and you know what I found? We are all the same. We are all brothers. We are all having the same primary needs and we all have beautiful hearts and are all simply in search of LOVE.

In addition to that, like everyone else, I had my own personal highlights and moments of being rock bottom. Great successes followed by struggles and failures - mainly in business and in relationships... This has caused me to the past decade to have slowly developed my own spiritual 'identity' (I'll explain later why the word 'identity' is actually really an absolute no-go!). Heavily fascinated by the Northern Aces I have really entered the spiritual path from the entrance of Asatru and from there and onwards I have discovered the wonders that many spiritual traditions have to offer, and by now I claim to take my assumptions from the paths of yoga, Taoism, Buddhism, and the Christian gnostic tradition. Over the past years I have gained a number of certifications - whatever those mean! - and I have incessantly practiced meditation, yoga and reiki. It would be my pleasure and a great honor to pass on my spiritual backpack to anyone who is open to it. I give reiki healings and teach Reiki I and II for now - III coming up. In addition, weekly group meditations will be hosted, online and offline. Soon, Yin Yoga sessions will be offered as well.

Reiki can happen physically but just as much on distance!). Reiki sessions are usually private but we will also host regular group reiki sessions. Reiki Courses are best held in groups of 4, 6 or 8. More about this in the services section!

Let me finalize with the words of being happy to be of service of those in mental, emotional and spiritual need, and you're just as welcome if you just want to practice some asanas together! Let me be a source of light in your life and may you carry on the light and spread it around you as well.

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Main: Adriaan van Bergenstraat 208a,
Breda, Netherlands

+31624455506 (NL), +8618611124584 ( China)

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